Summary Analysis On Vanadium Operating Rate And Output In February 2021 The output of vanadium in February was affected by the Spring Festival, and the operating rate of enterprises was low. The output of ferrovanadium, V2O5powder, ammonium metavanadate and V2O5 flake decreased significantly from last month. VN alloys were not affected much and were relatively stable. It is expected that most manufacturers’ production will return to normal in March. The current market mentality is improving, and manufacturers are highly motivated to produce.

Product Output in Feb(Ton) Change MoM (Ton) Operating rate in Feb Change MoM
AMV 646 ↓64 29.50% ↓2.3%
V2O5 powder 684 ↓200 41.40% ↓3.4%
V2O5 flake 8648 ↓742 77.80% ↑3.7%
FeV 2615 ↓1005 37.10% ↓17.2%
VN alloy 5714 73.30% ↑2.2%