Summary Analysis On Vanadium Operating Rate And Output In Jun 2020 June, the transaction situation of vanadium products was deadlocked, with slight decresed price. The operating rate of upstream raw material manufacturers decreased, and the total output of ammonium metavanadate and vanadium pentoxide decreased slightly. As the downstream alloy market, the transaction volume of ferrovanadium is weak, some manufacturers have stopped production for nearly one month, and the total output in June has decreased by 220 tons compared with that of the previous month. The output of VN alloy has increased, and the operating rate of enterprises has remained stable.

Product Output in Jun (ton) Change MOM(ton) Operating rate in Jun (%) Change MOM(%)
Ammonium metavanadate 687 ↓163 33.3% ↓6.7%
V2O5 power 595 ↓10 37.1%
V2O5 flake 8730 ↓435 80% ↓4%
Ferrovanadium 3805 ↓220 59.5% ↓8.1%
Vanadium-nitrogen 5105 ↑755 80% ↑11.1%