Summary Analysis On Vanadium Operating Rate And Output In June 2021

www, June, the output of V2O5 flake, the mainstream vanadium raw material, still did not return to normal. On the one hand, the output of V2O5 flake from large scale factories was slightly reduced due to the overhaul of blast furnaces, and on the other hand, small factories stopped production due to environmental protection and other issues. The slight increase in the output of ammonium metavanadate is due to the gradual resumption of production after some manufacturers have undergone equipment overhaul or technological transformation. It is expected that there will be some room for improvement in output in July. In terms of alloys, with the strong market conditions, ferrovanadium manufacturers have increased their enthusiasm for production and their output has increased; due to the rapid rise of retail V2O5 flake, the follow-up of vanadium-nitrogen alloy transactions has been slow, the profits of manufacturers have narrowed, and the price of vanadium has continued to rise. manufacturers cautiously operate, reduced output, and occasional suspension of production for insulation, so the total output of vanadium-nitrogen alloy was significantly lower than last month.

Product Output in June (Ton) Change MoM (Ton) Operating rate in June Change MoM
AMV 1238 ↑28 45.50% ↑2.3%
V2O5 powder 680 42.30% ↓0.6%
V2O5 flake 9489 ↓83 66.70% ↓3.7%
FeV 3870 ↑190 58.80% ↑7.4%
VN alloy 5884 ↓545 81.80% ↑2.3%