Summary Analysis On Vanadium Operating Rate And Output In March 2021

www, March, the production of vanadium products increased slightly in different degrees, and the operating rate of ammonium metanovadate and ferrovanadate increased obviously. As the temperature increases, some of the partial ammonium vanadate manufacturers began to resume production, which stopped production before the festival, and their production quantity is small, and people pay attention to market fluctuations. In March, the blast furnace of Tranvic and Pangang were overhauled. It is estimated that the total output of the two companies will be 400-500 tons, while the total output is increasing. It can be seen that the market production is stable and the supply is sufficient.

Product Output in Feb(Ton) Change MoM (Ton) Operating rate in Feb Change MoM
AMV  830 ↑184 43.20% ↑13.7%
V2O5 powder 801 ↑117 41.40%
V2O5 flake 9660 ↑1012 70.40% ↓7.4%
FeV 3380 ↑765 54.30% ↑17.2%
VN alloy 6015 ↑301 75% ↑1.7%