Summary Analysis On Vanadium Operating Rate And Output In May 2020 May, the vanadium price rose steadily with good terminal demand and high production enthusiasm of upstream and downstream vanadium enterprises. The overall output was significantly higher than that of last month, among which the output of V2O5 flake, ferrovanadium and vanadium nitrogen alloy increased significantly. The output of Pangang is about 400 tons less than that of the constant, and the output of the three large V2O5 flake plants is stable.

Product Output in May (ton) Change MOM(ton) Operating rate in May (%) Change MOM(%)
Ammonium metavanadate 850 ↑180 40% ↑13.3%
V2O5 power 605 ↓15 37.1%
V2O5 flake 9165 ↑925 84%
Ferrovanadium 4025 ↑700 56.8% ↑10.8%
Vanadium-nitrogen 5105 ↑755 80% ↑11.1%