Summary Analysis On Vanadium Operating Rate And Output In November 2020 November, the operation rate of vanadium upstream and downstream products was relatively stable, and the output of raw materials was stable. Affected by the market, the procurement for vanadium flake is not easy, VN alloy manufacturers stop production; Vanadium price is low, so the enthusiasm of terminal purchase is increased, and ferrovanadium production increased slightly.

Product Output in Oct(ton) Change MoM (ton) Operating rate in Oct Change MoM
AMV 970 ↓18 45.5% ↑4.6%
V2O5 powder 693 ↑50 42.4% ↑3%
V2O5 flake 10114 ↓86 74.1%
FeV 3795 ↑255 54.2% ↓6.9%
VN alloy 5270 ↑95 68.9% ↓2.2%