Summary of Vanadium Imp. and Exp. in November 2019 According to the statistics of customs data, in November 2019, the export volume of V2O5 was 356.88 tons, an increase of 105.38 tons compared with the previous month; the export volume of 80#FeV was 338 tons, a decrease of 42 tons compared with the previous month; in terms of import, the import volume of V2O5 was 400.4 tons, 50#FeV was 133.4 tons, 80#FeV was 110.5 tons, and Brazil FeNb was 5953.5 tons, and import volume of various vanadium products has increased in varying degrees compared with last month.

ProductV2O550#FeV80#FeVBrazil FeNb
Exports356.88 tons0338 tons0
Imports400.443 tons133.376 tons110.5 tons5953.5 tons