www.ferroalloynet.com: This week, vanadium product market entered into the calm period of inquiry, and the bidding of steel plant is less. The inquiry from traders became less, and transaction slowed down. At the beginning of the week, after the price of large V2O5 flake factories, the volume of bulk V2O5 flake shipments increased, and the transaction price slightly dropped to 107,000-108,000 Yuan/ton in cash. VN alloy manufacturers mainly produce for signed orders, and some ferrovanadium manufacturers stopped production. The enthusiasm of traders for shipment increases, and the spot market price decreases. The price of VN alloy is 167,000-168,000 Yuan/ton, and ferrovanadium is 108,000-109,000 Yuan/ton. As a whole, vanadium market was weak this week, and the price fell slightly.


Price on Monday

Price on Friday


Unit: Yuan/ton


103000-106000 103000-106000 Cash with Tax

V2O5 flake

111000-112000 108000-109000 ↓3000 Cash with Tax


110000-112000 110000-112000 Acceptance with Tax

VN alloy

170000-172000 168000-172000 ↓1000 Acceptance with Tax