Territory Labor’s $26 million plan for resources, mining and petroleum announced today acknowledges the strong contribution of mining to jobs and investment in the NT.
The statement’s commitment to ongoing regulatory reform is good news, provided it is based on genuine consultation with industry and seeks to align with proposed Commonwealth reforms.
Minerals exploration will deliver more jobs and a bigger and more diverse NT mining industry.
The Territory has great scope to encourage exploration for strategically important minerals such as rare earth elements, copper, titanium and vanadium on top of established commodities such as bauxite, gold, zinc, lead, manganese and uranium.
The next NT Government should work closely with the Commonwealth including through the Exploring for the Future program and through reforms from the current review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act for a stronger and more efficiently regulated future mining industry.
MCA NT continues to seek certain and transparent rules for exploration activities including a Code of Conduct for Mineral Exploration and will promote the highest standards of consultation and respectful practices with communities.
The MCA’s three-year Climate Action Plan launched earlier this year showed the NT minerals industry is committed to reducing and managing risks related to climate change – a goal also identified by Territory Labor.
MCA NT is also working on ways to bolster safety and emergency response in the Territory and will work with the next NT Government to implement these initiatives.