The 100Mw Fe-Cr Liquid Flow Energy Storage Battery Demonstration Line Of Herui Power Investment Is Scheduled To Be Put Into Production On June 30

“Under the organization of Gaochuang Group, the design, construction and supervision units have been working continuously on the site for 24 hours since March. Now the progress has matched the expectation, providing a guarantee for the first battery stack to be rolled off the production line. Thank you very much!” Recently, in the Weichai International Supporting Industrial Park, Herui Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Yang Lin, on behalf of the company, presented 100 cases of milk to the front-line personnel of the construction and operation units of the park such as Gao chuang Group to express his gratitude to everyone for working overtime to rush the construction and all-round service.

Herui Power Investment Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise jointly established by the State Power Investment Group. It is also a key investment attraction project of the High-tech Zone. The first phase of the project is speeding up the construction of the “demonstration line of iron-chromium liquid flow battery with an annual capacity of 100MW”.

“We moved into the park in March, and the first milestone of our plan is to roll off the production line of the first battery stack on June 30. This year, we will complete 600 battery stacks. We have named this plan the ‘630’ plan.” Yang Lin said that during the inspection, the company found that the existing standardized plant could not meet the requirements for the installation of production equipment. “After we reported the situation to Gaochuang Group, we can say that it gave them a big problem.”

“Herui Power Investment put forward the needs of personalized customization of the plant, including a series of renovation contents such as foundation bearing capacity, air conditioning and ventilation, and functional zone division.” After understanding this situation, Shandong Gaochuang Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., deputy general manager Ren Jiangong immediately organized the design, construction team to carry out work, according to the requirements of Herui Power Investment workshop layout design adjustment, on the foundation of the new construction. “The design, construction and supervision of the multi-party general battle, and we specially set up a temporary headquarters and the establishment of the work group. We communicate when there is any problem at any time, and to promote the project, we work on 24-hours shift. Ren Jiangong said.

Since this production line is designed for the first time and used for the first time, errors are likely to occur in the construction process. Gaochuang Group has to overcome various difficulties such as tight construction period, high standard and complicated process. “Every day, the construction schedule is drawn out, enough manpower and machinery are added, and the construction procedures are reasonably arranged. Multiple procedures are interspersed with the construction. At present, the renovation of the No. 7 plant is being completed, and the No. 9 plant will be completed soon.” Ren Jiangong said.

Seizing the strategic opportunity of new energy, Herui Power Investment focuses on the field of energy storage batteries. After all the six production lines in the first phase of the project are put into operation, the annual production capacity of energy storage batteries will reach 300MW, which can drive the output value of the upstream and downstream industrial chains to more than 4 billion yuan each year. “If our 3GW energy storage battery industrial park is built in the future, it will generate a scale effect that will drive the output value of the upstream and downstream industrial chains to more than 40 billion yuan.” In addition to providing supporting services for Weichai, Herui Power Investment plans to build an energy-storage battery industrial park and promote the new energy industry to grow bigger and stronger in the high-tech zone, Yang said.