The Bidding Price Of Steel Plant Is Low, And VN Alloy Plants Sell At A Concession Price In the recent two days of bidding, the price of VN alloy has dropped one step again. At present, the bidding price of VN alloy is between 144000 yuan / ton and 144500 yuan / ton by cash, and about 146000-146500 yuan / ton by acceptance. Compared with last Friday’s bidding price of steel plant, the price of spot goods has decreased by about 3000 yuan / ton, and the quotation of VN alloy is about 144000-145000 yuan / ton by cash, and some low quotations even dropped to 142000 yuan / ton. The lower bidding price and the deviation from the expected procurement before festival have greatly reduced the market confidence in the future market and continue to be pessimistic about the market after the festival.
The current market price of V2O5 flake is still at 94500-95000 yuan / ton. Vanadium alloy plants say that the spot goods are indeed limited and it is not easy to purchase at a low price. However, the current alloy market situation is weak, and manufacturers are not enthusiastic about purchasing raw materials. Alloy plants are not optimistic about the raw material market after the festival, so will not purchase too much before the festival. At present, the domestic supply has been stacked, and the output of raw materials has no sign of reduction. The arrival volume of imported resources in October is not optimistic. After November, the import volume is expected to shrink, but the domestic supply is still sufficient, and the accumulated supply in the previous period needs a long process of consumption, and after November, winter is the traditional off-season of demand. In the last quarter of 2020, vanadium market will not be easy to be improved.