The Downstream And Upstream Vanadium Market Is Deadlocked And The Inquires For V2O5 Flake Have Increased The mainstream transaction price of V2O5 in bulk market is CNY 92,000-93,000/t by cash, the offer of V-N alloy is CNY 140,000-142,000/t, while that of ferrovanadium is CNY 98,000-100,000/t. The inquires for raw materials by the downstream have increased, with few low-priced transactions. The downstream ferrovanadium market is slack, manufacturers suspend production and have no orders, while traders have a small amount stocks and they are unwilling to sell at low prices. The actual order of V-N alloy is limited.

In overall, the sales price of V-N alloy is relatively low. According to the cost price calculation, the quotation of bulk V2O5 flake is slightly higher, and the upstream and downstream are in a stalemate situation. In terms of demand, the market demand for vanadium products is weak in the short term, and the current market is relatively chaotic. Some rumors are flying all over the world, and vanadium companies are cautious in buying and selling.