The Ferrovanadium Price Difference Between Home And Abroad Is Large And Bring Exports To A Standstill In recent weeks, the European ferrovanadium market continues to be depressed and the buying is light. As the price of ferrovanadium in Europe fell, the price of vanadium pentoxide followed the alloy market down slightly. At present, the European price of ferrovanadium is USD 28.4-29.2/ kg vanadium, and that of vanadium pentoxide is USD 6.45-7.5 / lb vanadium pentoxide. Domestic vanadium prices have remained stable recently, the cash price of 50# ferrovanadium is CNY 134,000-135,000/t, while that of vanadium pentoxide is CNY 128,000-130,000/t, and European prices continue to be lower than domestic vanadium prices.

Overseas inquiries for ferrovanadium have been scarce in the past month. Many Chinese ferrovanadium exporters refuse to quote on the grounds that there is a large price gap between China and overseas markets. According to ferrovanadium exporters, although they have received inquires from ferrovanadium plants, it is still difficult for them to quote. Because of the current gap between domestic and foreign vanadium prices, it is unlikely to make deals.