The Firm Quotations Of Vanadium Raw Materials Has Certain Support For Alloy Prices In recent days, vanadium market is stable and most manufacturers even hope that the steel tenders will come as soon as possible at the end of the month. Generally speaking, they are lack of confidence in the future market. They are worried that the long deadlock before the steel bidding may lead to low-price sales, which will have a negative impact on the market. At present, the stocks of ferrovanadium and vanadium-nitrogen alloy are abundant, and traders are more willing to purchase them at low prices.

However, the price of raw materials keeps strong, and it’s hard to purchase V2O5 flake at a price of CNY 127,000-128,000/t. Most bulk prices still maintains the price of CNY 129,000-130,000/t. The cash price of ferrovanadium is CNY 136,000-137,000/t. Recently, a few bulk vanadium-nitrogen alloys are sold at low prices, but has little impact on the whole market for the time being. The cost of raw materials is expected to continue to support the downstream alloy market, at least in the short term it will be difficult for manufacturers to loosen their quotations.