The First Production Line Of Gansu Welide All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Energy Storage Equipment Project Is Expected To Be Completed And Put Into Operation In July

Shandan County is based on the industrial-oriented and ecologically functional development orientation, seizes the opportunity of “dual carbon”, introduces large industries, promotes large projects, and accelerates the formation of a new energy industry system.
In the new energy collection and maintenance center of Shandan County, the huge screen clearly displays the operation and maintenance data information of each connected new energy station, which is full of technology. Relying on intelligent technologies such as new energy intelligent operation and management platform, intelligent safety early warning system, and weather station services, the center can improve station operation and maintenance efficiency by 30% and reduce operation and maintenance costs by 20%.
Liang Hongbin, Assistant General Manager of Gansu Xinhui Ruineng New Energy Co., Ltd. said: we plan to achieve access operation and maintenance of 20GW in three to five years, so that nearly 6,000 local people can be directly employed, the output value will be 800 million yuan, and the annual profit and tax will be about 170 million yuan. “
In the past few days, the production workshop of the all-vanadium redox flow battery energy storage equipment project of Gansu Weilide Green Energy Co., Ltd. has also entered the final decoration stage. It is expected that the first production line will be completed and put into operation at the end of July. The all-vanadium redox flow battery energy storage system has the advantages of long life, large scale, safety and reliability, and the application prospect is very broad.
Yang Shiyi, person in charge of Gansu Weilide Green Energy Co., Ltd.: “The all-vanadium redox flow battery produced by our company is used for energy storage in large-scale new energy power stations. After the industry is completed, it can fill a gap in electrochemical energy storage in Shandan and even Zhangye City.”
At present, Shandan County has gathered 11 new energy enterprises including Gansu Heihe Hydropower, State Grid Integrated Energy, Ningxia Zhongke Jiaye, etc., forming a good situation of “large projects drive, the whole industry chain goes hand in hand”, promoting the new energy industry chain , Supply chain integration and mutual promotion.
Li Tao, director of the Office of the Management Committee of the Chengbei Industrial Park in Shandan County: “We will vigorously develop new energy and new material industries such as photovoltaic brackets and energy storage batteries, and expand and strengthen the comprehensive development and utilization of wind and photovoltaic resources in our county.”