The German government wants to help jump-start battery development to keep up with Asia.

Date: Mar 19, 2019

Back in 2018, the German government announced that it would be subsidizing the local production of lithium-ion batteries in an effort to keep up with production from countries in Asia.

by Reuters.battery manufacturer Varta. Now though, VolkswagenUpwards of 30 companies have applied for the subsidy including BMW and has opted to join the crowd according to a report published Monday

“Volkswagen group wants to take part in Economy Minister Altmaier’s initiative support the industrial production of mobile and static batteries,” said Volkswagen representatives, in a statement.

battery-producing subsidiary Li-Tec to shut its doors back in 2015.Part of the reason that Germany is late to the lithium-ion party is that high labor costs drove up the price of development significantly. This prohibitively high cost actually forced Daimler’s

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