The Increase Of V2O5 Flake Expands, The Quotation Of VN Follows The Adjustment A summary of the quotations of various domestic vanadium products today: ammonium metavanadate98% is 116,000-120,000 CNY/Ton, retail V2O5 flake is 125,000-126,000 CNY/Ton, ferrovanadium50 is 128,000-132,000 CNY/Ton, vanadium-nitrogen alloy is 185,000-190,000 CNY/Ton, all are cash prices including tax.

Today, the domestic vanadium market is steadily operating, and V2O5 flake is still hard to find, and the transaction price has pushed up to around 125,000 CNY/Ton in cash. Large V2O5 flake manufacturers are in short supply, and retail V2O5 flake holders are holding their goods to rise, and continue to wait and see. Driven by V2O5 flake, manufacturers of ammonium metavanadate are also reluctant to sell temporarily. It is difficult to inquire the stock of partial ammonium metavanadate in the market, and it is difficult for downstream alloy plants and chemical companies to purchase. Today, alloy factory quotations have risen again, vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers offer cash of 188,000-190,000 CNY/Ton, and actual transaction cash is 183,000- 185,000 CNY/Ton; ferrovanadium manufacturers offer cash of 130,000-132,000 CNY/Ton, and actual transaction cash is 128,000-130,000 CNY/Ton. With the gradual progress of transactions, some traders are also bullish on the market outlook, and their purchasing enthusiasm has increased significantly compared with last week.