The Inquires For V2O5 Flake Are Ideal And Vanadium Prices Lack Of Power To Edge Up At the beginning of the week, the inquires for V2O5 flake are good, and the trading is not much. In the bulk market, a small amount of deals are made at a low price of CNY 96,000/t by cash, while most quotations are CNY 98,000/t by cash, so it is a little difficult to make transactions at high prices. After selling by large V2O5 flake plants, the raw materials are abundant, and the inquiry is less than last week. Today, the bidding price of V-N alloy is slightly higher than that of last week, the transaction price in bulk market is basically around CNY 152,000-153,000/t, and the cash price of 50# ferrovanadium is CNY 103,000-104,000/t, with a few transactions.

At present, the terminal demand is relatively stable, and the market sources are relatively sufficient. The supply is still greater than the demand, and vanadium prices are hard to rise up. Last Friday, the price of vanadium in Europe rose slightly, which was affected by the domestic price, and could not change the situation of domestic vanadium market. Even though the imported price of V2O5 flake was slightly lower, the long-term disadvantage made domestic vanadium enterprises only inquiry and not purchase.