The International Vanadium Price Rises, Retail V2O5 Flake Quotations Are On The Verge Of Rising The situation in Russia and Ukraine continued to deteriorate, and the international vanadium price rose sharply again over the weekend. In addition, medium and large steel mills will gradually enter the market to increase terminal purchases, and the domestic vanadium product companies’ rising mentality has gradually increased.

V2O5 flake: Since last Friday, retail V2O5 flake holders were eager to rise the quotations, and some of them said that the price of 129,000 CNY/Ton would not be shipped for the time being; after the follow-up of the international vanadium price high transaction, today’s retail market quotations are mostly 130,000 CNY/Ton in cash; and some have a strong bullish mentality, indicating that they will not ship and wait and see the market for the time being.
Vanadium-nitrogen alloys: Laiwu Steel and Kunming Steel will enter the market today for purchase, the production cost is still high. The vanadium-nitrogen manufacturers’ quotations are around 193,000-195,000 CNY/Ton in cash, and the supply of low-price goods is relatively reduced; The mentality is further strengthened, shipments will be suspended, and hold a wait-and-see attitude. Raw materials are trending up again, but some manufacturers are still cautious about purchasing high-priced raw materials due to the fact that the steel mill’s bidding price was still under pressure last week. We will continue to pay attention to the bidding price of medium and large steel mills.
Ferrovanadium: There is no change in the transaction of ferrovanadium. The mainstream transaction price is about 136,000-137,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance); Nanjing Iron & Steel and Yingkou Medium Plates will start to purchase this week, but the actual demand for ferrovanadium is still light, and manufacturers still give offer prices at 138,000-140,000 CNY/Ton in cash under the production cost pressure, but it was difficult to trade at high prices. European ferrovanadium has risen sharply. Today, the major manufacturer Pangang has raised its quotation again by 2,000 CNY/Ton to 142,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance). The overall price of ferrovanadium is strong, and the bidding price of steel mills still need to be concerned.