www.ferroalloynet.com: Last Friday, the international vanadium price rose significantly, the price of ferrovanadium in the European market was up to 27-27.5 USD/kgV, convert into 50# ferrovanadium RMB price was 87,300-89,000 Yuan/ton. The price of European V2O5 maintained at 5.8-6.15 USD/LB V2O5, convert into V2O5 98% RMB price was 81,100-86,000 Yuan/ton.
According to the feedback of some import and export traders, at present, the inquiry enthusiasm of vanadium products in the international market is greatly enhanced compared with the previous period. The quotation of international vanadium manufacturers follows the upward trend. The quotation of vanadium pentoxide is not less than 6.2 USD/LB V2O5. The downstream purchasing mentality is relatively positive as a whole, the international market is gradually recovering, the consumption is increasing, and the price is stable and bullish in the short term. With the improvement of the international market and the narrowing of the price gap between China and foreign countries, the import of vanadium products is bound to be relatively reduced, which also promotes the improvement of the domestic market.