The Light And Stalemate Of Vanadium Market Before The Festival At present, the upstream and downstream of vanadium market are in a stalemate operation with few transactions. The volume of raw material flakes is small, and the shippers are unwilling to ship. The price of large factory V2O5 flakes is 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance, and there is no change at present. The spot stock is unknown, and the downstream ferrovanadium and VN alloy manufacturers basically receive fully orders. The futures are scheduled to offer 146000 yuan / ton  by cash. The volume of bulk market is low, and the trade is low. The highest purchase price of is 145000 yuan / ton by cash, but it is difficult to inquire the spot price. The low price of bulk products and manufacturers in ferrovanadium market is 98000 yuan / ton by cash, and there are few transactions near the Spring Festival.