The Market Enthusiasm Declined And Tends To Be Calm Yesterday, vanadium market was slightly flat compared with the previous two days; there are almost no transactions, the wait-to-see mood of alloy factories increased. The price of rebar rose slightly from the middle of the month, especially, at the beginning of this week, the price increased sharply, and then began to fall. It has a certain impact on the price of vanadium market. The price of vanadium in the middle of the week has risen greatly. It was difficult to purchase V2O5 flake with cash of 102000-103000 yuan / ton, which has fallen back to 98000-99000 yuan / ton.

The price of VN alloy has changed a lot this week. Today, the mainstream transaction price of VN alloy is about 155000 yuan / ton in cash, with few transactions. Today, the whole market tends to be calm, the enthusiasm of vanadium enterprises has declined, and the wait-to-see mentality of alloy factories has gradually increased.
In recent days, the vanadium price jumped, the market transactions were chaotic, the purchasing price of VN alloy of steel plants increased significantly compared with the previous period, thus the enthusiasm of the downstream manufacturers rose, and there was no lack of speculation in the market.
It is suggested that manufacturers should operate rationally, don’t be radical, and focus on the bidding trend of steel plants.