The Market Price of Ferrovanadium is Weak and That of Vanadium Pentoxide Flake is Firm Today, the price of 50 tons of ferrovanadium tendered by ZENITH is coming out. The acceptance price of CNY 120,000/t refreshes refresh ferrovanadium market low price. Before that, the offer of ferrovanadium is mainly CNY 125,000/t by cash. The transaction price of retailing market is CNY 12,000-CNY 123,000/t, and the price trend is weak. At the same time, the vanadium market is under control and prices are relatively strong. There are a lot of buyers offering CNY 113,000-CNY 114,000/t by cash in the market, but it is difficult to loosen the quotation in retailing market. The profit margin of ferrovanadium plant is very small if the current mainstream transaction price of vanadium and ferrovanadium is used to calculate the cost.

At present, the stock of ferrovanadium plant is slightly more than that of vanadium-nitrogen alloy. In the case of temporary stable vanadium price, ferrovanadium factories need not be too panic.