The Market Price Of Vanadium Is Almost Unchanged Compared With That Before The National Day With the end of the National Day, vanadium market is relatively light for the time being. At present, most manufacturers are in negotiation of quotation, with few clear quotation. During the holidays, market transactions are cold and prices are slightly weak. Up to now, the price of bulk V2O5 flake is about CNY 128,000/t, and the expected price from the downstream is CNY 125,000-126,000/t, and the market inquiries for vanadium-nitrogen alloy are few. The offer of steel mills is around CNY 193,000/t by cash, and the purchase price of traders is CNY 190,000-191,000/t, making it more difficult to purchase. The market quotation of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 193,000-195,000/t by cash, which makes it difficult for traders to make deals.The ferrovanadium market is relatively weak and the demand is poor. The cash price in bulk market is about CNY 132,000-133,000/t. It is expected that the ferrovanadium manufacturers will reduce their production to a certain extent in October.

According to the current market inquiries and quotations, the future market price is likely to be weak.