The Ministry Of Industry And Information Technology Will Formulate Stricter Implementation Measures For Capacity Replacement In The Steel Industry This Year Gao, director of the Department of Climate Change Response of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, recently stated that the steel industry, as an important support industry for my country’s economic development and a key carbon emission industry, should strengthen the consensus on carbon emission reduction and transform challenges into its own high-quality development motivation.
The reporter learned that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will formulate more stringent implementation measures for capacity replacement in the iron and steel industry this year, improve the capacity information early warning release mechanism, implement dual control of capacity and output, organize the implementation of steel decapacity, look back, and gradually study the establishment of carbon emissions and pollutant emissions. The output constraint mechanism based on the total energy consumption, etc.
At present, my country’s steel industry has the largest carbon emissions among the 31 manufacturing sectors, and crude steel production accounts for more than half of the global crude steel production.