The Number Of Production Suspension Of Vn Manufacturers Increases Major V2O5 flake manufacturers give high offers, the quotation maintains at 132,000 CNY/Ton (by acceptance with tax) and they will not be shipped temporarily. However, the vanadium-nitrogen alloy market is still under pressure, there is no sign of steel bidding to stop falling and stabilize, alloy factories are a little worried, and their intention to offer quotations is gradually weakening, and there are more companies that stop production. Some vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers stated that the minimum offer is 172,000 CNY/Ton in cash, and traders are not considered if they are lower than the cash asking price of 170,000 CNY/Ton. In September, bidding for vanadium-nitrogen alloys continued, but it was still slightly scattered. Although some purchases increased from the previous month, the comparison constant still slightly decreased. Some manufacturers in production said that they are currently in a state of reducing production and extending production time. If the market continues to be sluggish, they will also consider short-term suspension of production.

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