The Offer of Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy Has Increased and The Actual Transactions Have Slightly Lagged Influenced by the offer of vanadium pentoxide flake factories and the guiding price released by Panzhihua Steel, vanadium-nitrogen alloy offer has been raised recently. The factories’ mainstream offer has been raised from CNY 250,000/t to CNY 255,000/t. But yesterday, the steel bidding price was around CNY 248,000-250,000/t by acceptance .Although the mainstream transaction price has not yet reached CNY 255,000/t, vanadium-nitrogen alloy factories and traders hold positive attitude to the afternoon market.

This price rebound is mainly supported by vanadium pentoxide flake price of large factories. It may continue to rebound in the future, but it is not expected to form a real trend of price increase. The price is about CNY 255,000-265,000/t, stability, it may be sustained until next month’s steel bidding comes.