www.ferroalloynet.com: Vanadium market prices fell into a mess as soon as the latest low-price of vanadium alloy steel bidding released. Ferrovanadium steel bidding tax-inclusive price was CNY 132,000/t by acceptance, and the converted cost of vanadium was about CNY 125,000/t. The offer of vanadium pentoxide flake has been loosened which kept at CNY 135,000/t yesterday. A small number of quotations for it was CNY 120,000-125,000/t, with less transaction. Constantly updated low prices of vanadium alloy steel bidding, prompting the price of vanadium raw materials to decline. Large plants have not yet quoted, the price of vanadium raw material is high or low, and the quotation is relatively confused. Most vanadium enterprise look bad on vanadium market, in the short term, vanadium price trend is still not optimistic, hard to stop the decline.