The Output Analysis For Vanadium Extraction From Stone Coal In April 2021 : According to FerroAlloyNet, there are 6 companies on vanadium extraction from stone coal under normal production in April, with total output of 575 tons, down by 24.8% M-O-M. The companies who suspended production in early month still don’t recover the production for the slow market. Although the vanadium price keeps rising this month, the overall cost for vanadium extraction from stone coal is still relative increasing. Besides, the environmental inspection which may last for one month starts again, this puts the producers to suspend production.

Region AMV output in April (ton) V2O5 output in April (ton)
Shaanxi 0 410
Hubei 35 0
Hunan 0 0
Henan 80 0
Jiangxi 50 0