www.ferroalloynet.com:With the determination of mainstream steel bidding vanadium alloy price, the market has a certain reference. The high quotation of VN alloy reduced, which is more rational, the transaction volume of V2O5 flake bulk cargo is not much, with weak and stable price. The ferrovanadium market is slightly depressed, with low steel bidding price, and the short-term fluctuation of vanadium market is expected to be small. The stability of VN and V2O5 flake plays an important role in stabilizing the whole vanadium market.

At present, the majority spot price of V2O5 flake market is 105500 yuan / ton, but the willingness of downstream alloy manufacturers to accept is not high, and the manufacturers of inquiry raw materials have also decreased. The price gap of alloy end bidding in this round is large. VN alloy manufacturers have no full confidence in stabilizing the current price in the future market, and they are not rashly purchasing ahead of time. The number of ferrovanadium manufacturers halting production are still increasing, with gradually decreasing willingness to purchase V2O5 flake. The quoted price of V2O5 flake in bulk market is 105500 yuan / ton, which has no advantage in competition with large factories, so the shipment is slightly difficult to deal.

recent two days, the bidding price of ferrovanadium steel plant is not high, the acceptance price of which is between 104500-106000 yuan / ton, the cash price of which is 102500-104000 yuan / ton. The bulk market quotation is 103000 yuan / ton, which is at the same level. However, for the manufacturers, it has seriously lost money. Most manufacturers stop production and wait for the market, and the reduction space in the future market is reduced. However, it is difficult for the market to improve.

With the completion of the mainstream steel bidding, only a few small steel mills are remaining. At present, the bidding price of VN alloy is between 164500-167000 yuan / ton, with a relatively large price difference. Of course, there are also reasons for the steel mill’s payment method. However, it can be seen that the bidding supplier’s mind to keep the firm price has weakened. Although the bidding does not offer a low price, there are a lot low price deals. So the bulk cargo market traders are lack of confidence in the later market. The cash price of the intended purchase is no more than 160000 yuan / ton . The centralized steel bidding is about to end. Judging from the current market demand, the possibility of VN alloy price rise in the later market is low, and it is mainly stable in the short term.