The Price Decreased Slightly, And The Alloy Plants Purchased On Demand At present, the focus of vanadium market is on the dynamics of large V2O5 flake plants. The raw material market shows an unstable situation, and the price of downstream alloy market is slightly stable. However, the overall mentality of the manufacturers is still not optimistic. Traders have less inquiries or reduce the purchasing price, so it is difficult for traders to operate with less profit. Some manufacturers still have certain stocks. It is expected that the weak atmosphere will be difficult to improve in the short term.
At present, the price quoted by retail suppliers of V2O5 flake is reduced to 98000-99000 yuan / ton by cash, and there is a small amount of transaction of 98000 yuan / ton. VN alloy manufacturers purchase only based on their orders. According to the alloy factories, there are also sources with lower quotation, but the quantity is not large. If the manufacturers are not in urgent need of procurement, they are more cautious about low-cost sources. Some VN alloy manufacturers say that the accepted price is between 96000 yuan / ton and 97000 yuan / ton. It is expected that the vanadium market will be still weak in the later period.
The ferrovanadium market continued to be quiet and the market price remained stable at 102000-103000 yuan / ton by cash. Hubei manufacturers said that it was a little difficult to sell at this price. The main reason was demand. The Northeast manufacturers with strong intention to quote have lowered their quotations to 103000 yuan / ton by cash. Some manufacturers who offer 104000-105000 yuan / ton said that they would rather stop production rather than sell at low price, or accept the order at a lower price on the basis of low-price V2O5 flake .
At present, the mainstream price of VN alloy manufacturers is still at 154000-155000 yuan / ton by cash, and the mainstream bidding price of steel mills is currently held at about 155000 yuan / ton by acceptance. Some manufacturers also offer 153000 yuan / ton by cash in order to reach the deal. At present, there are few VN alloy plants purchasing raw materials. The intended purchasing price of traders in the bulk market basically at 150000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, which is difficult to purchase. But traders judge that the future market is still likely to fall, so it is necessary to set aside a safe space for procurement.