The Price Of Alloy Follows The Rising Trend Of Raw Material recent two days, price of vanadium market has been rising rapidly, with more market inquiries and fewer deals. The active quotation of bulk goods led to a rapid market rise. In recent days, there have been a lot of bids from steel plants with strong alloy price. Due to the continuous shortage of raw materials, alloy manufacturers and traders will follow the increase prices. The vanadium market will maintain the upward trend, but it is necessary to be cautious, for the rare transactions and unstable market.

The price of large factories is not signed, and the price of inquiry in bulk market is increased

Yesterday, three large-scale vanadium factories priced 100000 yuan / ton by acceptance, but the large-scale factories also said that there was no spot inventory and they could not sign for delivery. It is expected to wait till the middle of the month. Dagang said that the orders in June has been fully signed, not priced, which will be determined by the actual delivery time and market price. At present, bulk V2O5 flake is still mainly unsold, with inquiry price about 104000-105000 yuan / ton, and the actual volume of transactions in the market is small. The quotation of large factories has little effect on the market. It is expected that the raw material end will be in an unstable rising state in the short term.

Raw materials support the increase of FeV quotation, with rare transactions

Affected by the rising price of V2O5 flake, the price of FeV manufacturers also increased. It is understood that the current price of FeV manufacturers has reached 108000-109000 yuan / ton by cash, the actual transaction price is slightly lower than 106000-107000 yuan / ton, and the bidding price of steel plants is 107000-108000 yuan / ton by acceptance. Although the transaction price has risen slowly, the manufacturers generally maintain a strong market mentality. With the rising price of raw materials, it is expected that there will be more space for FeV price rise in the future.

Rising trading price of VN alloy, being expected to be stable and rising in the near future

According to ferroalloynet, at present, the quotation of vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers is increased again yesterday. At present, the quotation of vanadium nitrogen alloy in bulk market is 166000-167000 yuan / ton by cash, that of bulk market is 164000 yuan / ton by cash. The bidding price of steel plants is 163000 yuan / ton by cash and 165000-167000 yuan / ton by acceptance. Manufacturers and traders have some of the stock. Manufacturers and traders reached more futures orders, and it is expected that the spot circulation will increase in the follow-up market. Bulk goods will affect the later market trend, which may tend to be unstable.