The Price Of Ferrovanadium And Vanadium Pentoxide Have Declined Again In European Market According to the data released last Friday evening, vanadium prices in the European market are still falling, and the prices of ferrovanadium and V2O5 drop again. As of last Friday, the price of ferrovanadium in European market has been slightly lowered to USD 23(↓1.5)-24.5(↓0.5)/kg vanadium, converting to 50# ferrovanadium is about CNY 81,400(↓5,500)-86,700(↓20,00)/t. The European market price for vanadium pentoxide edges down to USD 5(↓0.5)-6(↓0.5)/lb vanadium pentoxide, converting to 98% vanadium pentoxide is about CNY 76,500(↓7,800)-91,800(↓7,800)/t. The price of American ferrovanadium slightly drops to USD 13(↓0.75)-13.25(↓1.25)/lb.

The continuous decline of international vanadium prices has put a lot of pressure on the domestic market. The large number of unsalable export resources and the influx of import resources make the domestic vanadium market, which is already oversupplied, more worrying. There is limited space for European vanadium prices to fall, and domestic market prices may also gradually adjust to reduce the decline.