The Price Of Ferrovanadium In Europe Turned Slightly Lower As of yesterday, the European market ended the slow rise since late July and turned to decline. Yesterday, the price of ferrovanadium in the European market was slightly reduced to 24.45-25.65 USD/kgV, with a decrease of 0.25 USD/kgV, convert into 50# ferrovanadium RMB price was 83,600-87,800 Yuan/ton, with a small decrease of 800 Yuan/ton.  The price of European V2O5 maintained at 5.1-5.6 USD/LB V2O5, convert into V2O5 98% RMB price was 75,400-82,800 Yuan/ton; the price of ferrovanadium in United States was 9.8-10.7 USD/LB V, convert into 50# ferrovanadium RMB price was 73,900-80,700 Yuan/ton.
Since this year, the change of vanadium price in the international market is not only linked with external demand, but also affected by the fluctuation of China’s purchase volume in the international market. From the overall demand, the international market demand is under long-term downturn. When the domestic vanadium market is strong, the order volume of importers increases, and the international market vanadium price also rises slowly. However, since the end of August, domestic prices have been weak under sufficient supply pressure, and the importers are not sure about the bottom price. At this time, the Chinese market after the completion of the shipping schedule is not clear and lacks confidence, so the purchase and import will be reduced accordingly.