The Price Of Raw Materials Slightly Decreased This Week Since this week, the purchase of VN alloy by steel mills has decreased significantly, and the transaction of bulk market is relatively less. The ferrovanadium market is stable, while the price of raw materials slightly decreased this week. The downstream procurement is insufficient and the supply is abundant. Next week, the market will be still in the calm stage, and the upstream and downstream still have a period of pressure bearing.
The spot price of V2O5 flake is weak this week. At the beginning of the week, the spot price of V2O5 flake bulk market is about 105500 yuan / ton in cash, and some parts are reported at 106000 yuan / ton. However, with the increase of supply, alloy plants are cautious in purchasing, and traders begin to reduce the quotation for sales. Around Wednesday, the market mainstream price is 105000 yuan / ton, and then the quotations of bulk goods and small factories also fall slightly. Finally, the transaction price of bulk market is 104500 yuan / ton in cash, which can be accepted by a small number of VN alloy plants recently. The transaction price of ammonium metavanadate was slightly weak this week. The transaction price of metallurgical grade ammonium metavanadate 98% was slightly adjusted to about 98000 yuan / ton. The same grade ammonium polyvanadate was also at this price. The purchasing price of VN alloy plant in Chongyang area was about 97000 yuan / ton. The price of chemical grade ammonium metavanadate is about 99000 yuan / ton, and the price of a small quantity of good quality goods is slightly higher.
At the beginning of this week, there was an atmosphere of price increase in ferrovanadium market, but it gradually subsided under the influence of the weak price of raw materials. The market transaction was stable at about 106000 yuan / ton. It is not easy to rise and fall in the short term. Manufacturers with meager profits are not willing to make constant production. The supply of goods to the market will not be too fast, but the quotation of imported goods is relatively low, and there is a possibility of increment in the later market, or it may have a certain impact on the domestic market.
This week, the bidding price of some small steel plants was 168000 yuan / ton by acceptance, which maintained the high turnover of VN alloy price this week. However, the actual transaction price and quotation of bulk market are relatively low. Although the medium-sized manufacturers quoted at 165000 yuan / ton in cash, the actual delivery price was about 164000 yuan / ton, and the small factories and bulk cargo quoted 163000 yuan / ton in cash. Due to the lack of fixed downstream resources, traders are not willing to enter the market at this time. In the short term, the demand of VN alloy market is still relatively weak, and manufacturers are facing pressure. Let’s wait and see whether VN alloy manufacturers will continue to jointly support the market.