The Price Of V-n Alloy Drops Significantly This Week This week, the tax-inclusive biding price of vanadium nitrogen alloy is 143,000-146,000 yuan / ton, and the tax-inclusive price of ferrovanadium is 102,000-103,000 yuan / ton. Compared with last week, the price of vanadium nitrogen alloy decreased by nearly 10,000 yuan / ton, ferrovanadium by about 4,000 yuan / ton,V2O5 flake by 4,000 yuan / ton, and ammonium metavanadate by about 3,000 yuan / ton. The price of vanadium nitrogen alloy dropped significantly, so the offer of some manufacturers began to drop to 14,0000 yuan / ton by cash. Some traders think that the market price will fall later, so they want to purchase at a low price. Their intended purchase price is 138,000 yuan / ton, and there is no transaction yet.

The dropping of the steel bidding price in this week is obvious, and the overall trading of bulk market slows down. Next week’s steel bidding market change remains to be seen.