The Price Of V2O5 Flake Is Firm, And Vanadium Nitrogen Steel Bidding Maintains Stable Recently, the domestic vanadium market has been relatively stable. The raw material market is relatively strong, and the alloy steel recruitment is operating steadily. In November, the long-term order price of major V2O5 flake manufacturers remained unchanged at 107,500 CNY/T by acceptance with tax (106,000 CNY/T by cash). Retail V2O5 flake quotations are strong, and low-priced resources are difficult to find. The quotation has increased by 1,000-2,000 CNY/T from last week to 108,000-109,000 CNY/T in cash, but the actual transaction is relatively small. Although some alloy plants have purchasing intentions this week, the purchasing intentions of V2O5 flake exceeding the cash price of 107,000 CNY/T are not high, and the overall purchasing is more cautious. The ammonium metavanadate manufacturers are reluctant to sell. Although the price remains stable at 101,000-102,000 CNY/T by cash. Some buyers report that the spot resources are still not easy to purchase.

The alloy steel recruitment has been running smoothly. The acceptance tax-included price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy was 162,000-164,000 CNY/T, while the ferrovanadium declined slightly to 116,000-118,000 CNY/T by acceptance with tax. The cost of raw materials is strong, and the quotations of alloy plants are not adjusted much. The price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is 161,000-163,000 CNY/T in cash, and the price of ferrovanadium is 117,000-118,000 CNY/T in cash. Some alloy plants are temporarily not quoting, lower than the cost upside down and higher than no one takes orders, continuing to wait and see.

The November steel recruitment is coming to an end. The trend of the vanadium market is not clear, the demand being flat and the support being insufficient, but the decline is not easy, and the cost is relatively strong, so the upstream and downstream are in a stalemate. At present, large vanadium manufacturers have not signed orders for shipments. In addition, at the end of the month, whether the demand from steel mills can be effectively released, and how the vanadium market will go, it is necessary to wait and see the changes.