The Price Of V2O5 Flake Is Weak For The Time Being Most of the ferrovanadium and VN alloy manufacturers have sufficient stocks after purchasing from the large manufacturers. The price of vanadium in bulk market is weak, and it is approaching to the price in large factories. VN alloy prices also lost strong support and fell slightly. At present, there are still some manufacturers in the market actively looking for V2O5 flake. Considering the weak price of goods in bulk market and the high price of hard to sell, the purchasers all offer at a low price of 92000 yuan / ton. At present, the price of V2O5 flake in bulk market is about 93500-94000 yuan / ton, and it is intended to ship at the same price with large factories. However, when the inventory of downstream manufacturers is relatively sufficient, it is expected that the transaction price of V2O5 flake will have some space to move down.

At present, the volume of V2O5 flake in the bulk market is not large. However, the market tends to be deadlocked due to the weakening of the purchasing demand of alloy plants. In the next time, the centralized procurement and steel factory’s centralized stock up will stimulate the market activity. In the short term, the price will be weak with small fluctuation.