The Price Of V2O5 Flake Rose 2000 Yuan/Ton Compared With The Beginning Of The Week week, the price of vanadium products continues to rise slightly, V2O5 flake price  compared with the beginning of the week rose about 2000 CNY/Ton, and the current retail V2O5 flake market offer is less, and most are in cash 121,000-122,000 CNY/Ton. It’s difficult to purchase at the price less than in cash 120,000 CNY/Ton, and the current mainstream transaction price is in cash 120,500 CNY/Ton. People in the market has high enthusiasm for inquiries, and big factory is expected to adjust June V2O5 flake next week, and their wait-and-see sentiment increases.

VN steel bidding is gradually launched, and the steel acceptance price is 179,000-183,000 CNY/Ton. VN manufacturers mainly work for early orders, and they temporarily not shipped. The offer rose to in cash 180,000-185,000 CNY/Ton, and actual transaction slowly follows up. The price of 174,000-175,000 CNY/Ton in cash at the beginning of the week, and the current transaction price is in cash of 176,000-181,000 CNY/Ton.