www.ferroalloynet.com: This week, vanadium, ferrovanadium and vanadium nitrogen alloy rose about 2000-3000 yuan / ton. In the early stage, the price of large V2O5 flake factories is on the high side and the delivery is not smooth, and the supply of bulk goods is relatively small. With the continuous reduction of V2O5 flake consumption, the supply of goods in the spot market has been tightened. The transaction price is 94000-94500 yuan / ton with tax by acceptance, gradually approaching the quotation of 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance quoted by large factories (94500 yuan / ton with tax by cash). The downstream alloy factories’ quotations are naturally rising. The quoted price of vanadium nitrogen alloy is 143000-144000 yuan / ton by cash, which is about 3000 yuan / ton higher than last week. The price of FEV manufacturers was increased to 99000-100000yuan / ton with tax by cash, up 2000 yuan / ton from last week.

This week, there are not many steel plants bidding, the latest vanadium nitrogen alloy steel bidding price is 145000 yuan / ton with tax by acceptance, and the manufacturers’ quotation for the steel plant is generally more than 146000 yuan / ton with tax by acceptance. There is a loss cost in the early stage, but now they are not willing to sell at low price. In terms of the current vanadium product market, the alloy price is driven by the raw material cost, and the transaction price is expected to rise slightly. It is expected that the steel bidding price will be relatively strong next week, stable and rising.