The Price Of Vanadium Market Continues The Trend The domestic vanadium market continued the trend. During the holidays, most manufacturers maintained the production presentation, and the spot market circulation was rare. At present, the market mainly hold wait-and-see situation. Some vanadium and nitrogen alloy manufacturers offer 144000-145000 yuan / ton by cash. The inquiry price of traders is about 142000-143000 yuan / ton. The market price of FEV is also kept at 98000-102000 yuan / ton by cash. The supply of V2O5 flake in bulk market is still small. The market transaction is mainly based on the signing of orders and delivery by large factories, and the price is maintained at 94500 yuan / ton by cash and 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance. The overall market performance is basically the same as before.

Although the procurement of mainstream steel plants before the holiday is centralized, some steel plants are also purchased after the festival. It is expected that some steel plants will be invited for bidding within this week, which will reduce the “mid month light demand period” this month. From the perspective of the bidding plan, the demand of steel mills in May has also been boosted. The market rate of vanadium alloy is probably stable, and it is expected to continue to rise.