The Price of Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy is Difficult to Edge Up and Traders Are Cautious to Operate Recently, the steel bidding is in a flat period, the trading of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is sluggish, and the market mainstream transaction price is hard to rise which has been around CNY 250,000/t, occasionally with a small amount of transactions of CNY 253,000/t. Since the middle of April, vanadium-nitrogen factories have increased their purchase of raw materials. Retailing vanadium pentoxide flake and ammonium metavanadate mostly flow to vanadium-nitrogen alloy factories. The actual transaction price of large vanadium factories is about CNY 166,000/t. The factories try to keep the cost below CNY 250,000, and some of them have increased the price acceptance of CNY 250,000/t, which is also part of the factors that make it difficult to raise price.

Under the current market conditions, traders are difficult to make a deal, the difference between buying and selling prices is small, and some traders have said: currently, the possibility of vanadium price rise is not very great. After a period of light transactions, the competition trend of both sides of steel bidding is unclear at the end of month. It is suggested that traders should operate back-to-back and carefully stock up.