The Price of Vanadium Raw Material is Temporarily Stable and The Trend of Downstream Alloy is Weak Recently, vanadium market is confused, manufacturers’ quotations are firm, and traders sell at low prices. The spot price of raw materials is temporarily stable, the trading of alloy end is sluggish and the price is week. The overall market is deadlocked as well as slightly weak. At present, the tax-inclusive offer of bulk vanadium-nitrogen is CNY 186,000/t by cash, while some of the quotations in ferrovanadium market are lower than CNY 130,000/t and and the low quotation appears in both manufacturers and traders. The quotation of bulk V2O5 flake is still about CNY 125,000/t, and the supply is less. The transaction price of metallurgical ammonium metavanadate remains around CNY 123,000/t, and the upstream price is relatively stable and firm.

Currently, the market transaction is few. The enthusiasm of inquiring raw materials is still strong, but the supply is too tight. More and more manufacturers sell downstream alloys, but it is difficult to conclude business. The following steel bidding price may provide new guidance to the market. We predict that the downstream alloy prices will have downward space under the operation of traders and the upstream raw material price will be temporarily stable in the short term.