The Price Of VN Alloy Fell Faster This Week Today’s quotations of vanadium products are as follows: ammonium metavanadate 98%: 87000-89000 yuan / ton; V2O5 flake: 89000-90000 yuan / ton; FeV50: 98000-99000 yuan / ton; VN alloy: 137000-138000 yuan / ton, all of which are by cash including tax.
The price decline of VN alloy accelerated this week, with a decline of nearly 4000 yuan / ton. Today, some VN alloy manufacturers reported that even if the quoted price was 135000-136000 yuan / ton by cash with tax, it was difficult to close the transaction, and the terminal demand was not optimistic. In addition, the current market information in the vanadium market is chaotic and some vanadium enterprises are more cautious in purchasing, and the overall transaction of the market was very low. In the aspect of V2O5 flake, the mainstream transaction price in retail market fell to about 88000 yuan / ton including tax by cash yesterday. Some alloy factories still dare not purchase, and they intend to wait and see the price adjustment and signing of orders by large factories. This week, the price of V2O5 flake dropped by nearly 3000 yuan / ton.
Yesterday, the three major V2O5 flake plants discussed the pricing, but it has not been announced at present. The three major plants mainly want to wait and see the orders received by the downstream alloy plants. According to our understanding today, some VN alloy manufacturers said that if the price is 90000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, they will not accept the order temporarily, and some manufacturers say that they can consider receiving the order in an appropriate amount. The specific situation of signing the bill by large factories will be tracked in real time.