The Price Of VN Alloy Is Slightly Loose In recent two days, the inquiry for VN alloy is very little. Part of the traders made a small amount of purchase at a reduced price. Some VN alloy plants look down to the market trend in the later period due to the small volume of transactions in the near future although the inventory is small. The quotation is slightly loose. The spot price of 144000 yuan / ton by cash is gradually increasing, with a small amount trade at a low price of 143000 yuan / ton.

This week, demand from terminal steel mills was weak with few deals. Vanadium price is stable for the time being. Most of the alloy factory’s quotations have not been adjusted too much, most of which are 145000 yuan / ton by cash. But just in the middle of the month, the market transaction was cold, which also affected the mentality of vanadium enterprises. Some manufacturers slightly loosened their shipping quotations. Vanadium market is weak and stable, showing signs of negative decline in vanadium price.

All in all, as far as the current market is concerned, before the festival, there is no support for the rise of vanadium price. Vanadium price is mainly stable, and alloy plants are reluctant to accept orders to cope with production. The market supply of vanadium products is relatively sufficient.