The Price Of VN Alloy Rose 3000 Yuan / Ton This Week This week, large V2O5 flake plants finished signing the order, the inquiry for raw material increased, the quotation of retail investors was raised. The attitude of upstream and downstream vanadium enterprises is good, stable and bullish. The quotation of alloy plants is rising simultaneously, which promotes the transaction price of VN alloy.
The price of V2O5 flakes retailers has been raised to 82000-83000 yuan / ton including tax by cash, and the intended purchase price of some VN alloy manufacturers has also been adjusted to 81500 yuan / ton by cash, but V2O5 flake holders are reluctant to sell and the transaction is deadlocked. Due to the fact that most stone coal vanadium extraction factories basically stop production and the operating rate of ammonium metavanadate is low, manufacturers in production are more willing to sell to chemical enterprises for high transaction price. The transaction price varies from 78000 to 82000 yuan / ton according to different quality.
In terms of alloy products, the price of ferrovanadium was increased, but the number of high-level transactions was less. Most manufacturers set their production according to sales, and the purchase of raw materials was uncertain, so they received orders cautiously. The quotation was 91000-92000 yuan / ton by cash, but the actual transaction was small, and the transaction price was still 89000-90000 yuan / ton. This week, the price of VN alloy increased by 3000 yuan / ton compared with last week, increased from 125000-127000 yuan / ton to 128000-130000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax, and the purchasing price of traders for future goods was around 126000 yuan / ton by cash, and a small amount of spot goods quoted at 130000 yuan / ton by cash. Manufacturers are optimistic about the new round of bidding from steel plants.