The Price Recovered Slightly In Vanadium Raw Material End, And The VN Alloy Price Continued To Rise week, the vanadium market was weak in early stage, then slightly became strong in the later market. At the beginning of the week, the raw material market was slack, with weak ferrovanadium and temporarily stable VN alloy transactions. Around Wednesday, inquiries for vanadium raw materials transaction price began to increase. Around the weekend, the price of VN alloy price rose again, with a slight increase. Both the price and inquiry of raw material end recovered compared with the beginning of the week.

Since this Wednesday, the vanadium market ended the cold wait-and-see status beginning in last week, and the market inquiry of ammonium metavanadate and V2O5 flake increased slowly. The quotation of a small amount of V2O5 flake bulk goods was 106000-107000 yuan / ton. The accepted price of V2O5 flake purchased by alloy manufacturers increased from 105000 yuan / ton to 105500 yuan / ton. There were also a small amount of transactions at 106000 yuan / ton in this week. The V2O5 flake price is between 105000-106000 yuan / ton during recent two weeks, but the mainstream transaction price still fluctuates slightly. Also, the market atmosphere has changed, and the buyers of ammonium metavanadate also accept the slightly-raised price. At present, the price of 98% ammonium metavanadate purchased by VN alloy plant is about 99000 yuan / ton, and the price of 98% chemical grade is about 100000 yuan / ton, which is increased by about 1000 yuan / ton during the weak price period.

This week, a large number of small and medium-sized ferrovanadium manufacturers stopped production, and there is no sign of resuming production so far. Although the market inquiry is still weak, most of the sellers are reluctant to sell low-cost goods. Some of the bulk goods are trying to quote 104000 yuan / ton after the market atmosphere become better. The low range quotation shows signs of reduction. The ferrovanadium market remains stable but weak. The atmosphere was relieved and recovered slowly in the later stage or under the interaction of other vanadium products.

Up to now, the bidding price of VN alloy steel plants is stable at about 168000-169000 yuan / ton, and the bulk market transaction is slightly lower at 164000 yuan / ton. The lowest spot quotation is 165000 yuan / ton by cash, the general quotation is 166000-168000 yuan / ton by cash and 170000 yuan / ton by acceptance. Traders inquired rarely. The small steel mills only purchase a small amount, with not many transactions in the market. But the manufacturers maintain the stable market state, which is expected to still affect the market to be stable and strong.