The Pricing Of Vanadium Raw Materials May Decline This week, vanadium market keeps in a downward trend and the steel bidding prices have been greatly reduced. At present, the V-N alloy steel bidding price is about CNY 160,000/t by acceptance, while the selling prices of some traders are CNY 155,000/t by cash. The market price of V2O5 flake is about CNY 102,000-105,000/t by cash, while the inquire price of V-N alloy plants is CNY 100,000/t. The production of ferrovanadium manufacturers has been cut down seriously, but recently the price of V2O5 flake has fallen. The transaction price in bulk market is only about CNY 112,000-115,000/t by cash.

With the price of V2O5 flake approaching to CNY 100,000/t, the market pays more attention to the pricing of V2O5 flake. The supply of bulk V2O5 flake has decreased recently, but the price is still weak. The pricing of large factories may help to slow down the decline.