The Products Of Hbis Chenggang Company Were First Supplied To The European Market

On June 23, the company’s 750 tons of PSB500Z left-handed finishing steel bars were successfully rolled off the production line, and the product performance and appearance all met customer requirements. This is the company’s tailor-made series of fine rolled steel bar series products, and it is also the first domestic company to supply the European market for the first time.
The PSB500Z finishing steel bar is a non-longitudinal rib, left-handed helical shape tailored according to customer needs, which is difficult to produce. The company continues to promote the optimization of “two structures”, strengthen the leadership of technological innovation, continuously increase the research and development of high-efficiency products, improve the technical content of products, expand application fields, and increase market share. In terms of product shape control and cut-to-length cutting, we continuously optimize and adjust process parameters, carry out performance optimization research, and ensure that product dimensions, performance stability, allowable deviation and other indicators meet product standards and meet customers’ individual needs.