The Quotation Downward Space Of Vanadium Market Is Narrowed In The Short Term Due to the downward fluctuation of vanadium alloy market in recent days. Some alloy factories that signed the raw materials at the price of 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance from large vanadium factories in the early stage are facing losses. Most of the manufacturers are resistant to the low price and no longer accept the low price orders. Yesterday, the bidding price of Anhui Changjiang vanadium nitrogen alloy was 144800 yuan / ton by acceptance, which is also comparable to the price of 142000 yuan / ton by cash in bulk market. As most of the manufacturers are with large vanadium stocks, it is difficult for subsequent purchasers to reduce prices. Therefore, it is expected that the short-term vanadium market supported by raw materials will not have space to continue to decline, and the market stalemate atmosphere is expected to continue until the end of the month when steel bidding is opened.

At present, the transaction price of raw material of V2O5 flake in bulk market is around 93500 yuan / ton by cash. It’s hard to find low price spot goods. Some short-term futures can sign around 93000 yuan / ton. At the same time, the imported V2O5 flake is also looking for futures in the domestic market. The international market price is falling. The subsequent imported V2O5 flakes may arrive in Hong Kong. The steel market is in a slow recovery period in recent days.